STRETCH Conference 2023

The STRETCH conference (“STRETCH“) by Career Masterclass is the premier UK career development event for Black and ethnically diverse professionals. Held annually in October during Black History Month, STRETCH draws thousands of attendees from diverse industries.

With a global reach, STRETCH offers a day of learning, inspiration, and career growth through keynote speeches, panel sessions, and breakouts.

The conference collaborates with employers and talent managers to address challenges around attracting, developing, and retaining diverse talent.

At the conference, aligning with this year’s Black History Month theme, we will celebrate the extraordinary achievements of black professionals.

Trailblazers, who chart new paths and challenge norms, are the architects of change. Whether pioneering technology, revolutionising business models, or advocating social causes, trailblazers spark progress that resonates beyond themselves.

STRETCH 2023 Speakers

STRETCH Conference 2024

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