Career Masterclass has solutions to support live, practical and on-demand learning and talent
development experiences. Find out how we can help you and your teams thrive as you navigate
the terrain of diverse corporate cultures.


Become A Trailblazer

Get started on your journey and carve your unique success path with Career Masterclass. With over 100 masterclasses, downloadable workbooks and specially-written articles available on demand, you are well on your way to attaining progress in your professional development journey.

Empower Your Diverse workforce

Career Masterclass is an online learning platform that will help you progress your career and learn new skills that will allow you to advance up the corporate ladder within your current company.

Well-structured masterclasses are in the best interests of both employees and businesses, who stand to benefit greatly.

Sign up teams on CM

Do you have a team of under 50 colleagues that you want to get access to our on-demand learning platform? Sign up directly today as the Leader of your team and get started adding and activating your team members.

Our support team remains available to support you and your colleagues throughout the onboarding process.

Live Masterclasses

Our live masterclass experiences give your teams a platform to engage and collaborate with their colleagues as they navigate acquiring soft skills that are essential to their career progression.

Over the years, our expert instructors have been able to successfully deliver impactful sessions and answer to insightful questions presented by participants.

Talent Accelerator Programme

We work with learning and development (L&D) and diversity and inclusion (D&I) teams to design and execute high-impact, award-winning talent accelerator programmes that unlock the potential of talent within their teams.

Our Talent Accelerator programmes combine live masterclass delivery and supporting sponsorship initiatives within the organisation.


Career Masterclass has been truly inspirational. I have found the regular “refresh“ from the Masterclasses very useful towards the advancement of my career objectives. One of the biggest benefits has been expanding both my professional and personal network. I highly recommend Career Masterclass.

I am still so enthusiastic and passionate about a conference that occurred months ago! That is really something! I wonder how many people can say this about a professional conference they have attended? This is down to your team – creating a forum to bring together such a wonderful array of inspirational people who are so willing to share their knowledge, experience and expertise and alongside that, motivate and inspire.

I attended a Masterclass in my early days in London and was able to negotiate a higher position in two months. Two years later I am still learning and growing with Career Masterclass. My career would not be where it is today if it weren’t for the lessons I learnt with Career Masterclass. It was like unlocking a shortcut to knowledge most professionals learn the hard way.

When Career Masterclass added an assessment feature to determine which of their materials I would be most interested in, I was ecstatic! It genuinely felt like they were meeting my exact need by posting me in the right direction. You’re hitting the nail on the head Career Masterclass – keep it going please!

Case Study: The Overlooked Talent Pool

A report on the Progression of Black and Ethnically Diverse Professionals
within Financial Services in the United Kingdom.

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